backup your watch

How To Back Up Your Watch

By AppleInsider Before you reset your old iPhone, remember to unpair and back up your Apple Watch to ensure a seamless transition to the new iPhone 6s. Here’s how to successfully transfer your Apple Watch from your old iPhone to a new one. Before you can pair your Apple Watch with a new iPhone, you […]

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os2 features

Top Apple Watch OS 2 Features

After some delay, the new Apple Watch OS2 has been finally released. It brings numerous improvements – free of charge – to the user. Just to mention a few: a smarter Siri, new watch face options, public transport integration in maps and many more. The following list is a good summary of what to expect. […]

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apple watch drop test

Apple Watch Drop Test

This is what happens when you drop your Apple Watch from 3-4 feet high onto concrete. The tester here got pretty agitated when he saw the cover glass broken. Apparently he was not prepared to see the damage done by his test. Good to know anyways: the sport edition does not include sapphire glass. That […]

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1 apple hermes

Apple And Hermès Collaborate On Special Watch Edition

Apple and Hermès have announced their joint venture on an exclusive Apple Watch product line A new fashion-branded smart-watch is born: the “Apple Watch Hermès” – the result of a first time ever cooperation of the high tech giant from California and the established french fashion house named after the Greek god of messengers and […]

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apple watch as a wrist band

Use the Apple Watch As A Wrist Band!

A butterfly was the inspiration for this unique marriage of a traditional luxury watch and a Apple watch connected by a single wrist band. California based watch maker Nico Gerard has pre-launched their lates model – The Papillon (french for butterfly). It´s not available as yet, but you can make a reservation here by paying […]

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Security Camera at Home

4 Reasons To Have A Security Camera At Home

According to SafeGuard, around 2 million cases of home burglaries are being reported each year. With that alarming number of incidents, we have to do all we can to keep our homes safe and secured.  Following some tips to keep our homes’ security tight, you might also consider installing a home security system like security cameras to ensure […]

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