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Top Apple Watch OS 2 Features

os2 features

After some delay, the new Apple Watch OS2 has been finally released.

It brings numerous improvements – free of charge – to the user. Just to mention a few: a smarter Siri, new watch face options, public transport integration in maps and many more.
The following list is a good summary of what to expect. Watch the video below to see the upgrades in action!

  • Bigger buttons to make it easier to enter your passcode
  • Vidoe Watch faces – these are actual videos that run on your Apple watch
  • Photo watch faces
  • New watch face colors
  • 3rd party complications
  • Multi color modular watch face
  • Night stand mode
  • Time Travel
  • Animated Emoticons
  • Reply to emails using dictation
  • Make FaceTime calls
  • Create multiple friend groups

  • Add friends from the watch
  • Multi color scetches
  • Beats1 radio
  • Quick play
  • Transit directions from major cities
  • Native Apps
  • Digital crown and accelorometer support for 3rd party apps
  • Output translation through speaker
  • Longer screen time-out settings
  • Activation lock
  • Mute reminders
  • WIFI calling
  • Reward card

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