Do I Need an Apple Watch Stand?


I was very excited when my brand new Apple watch arrived.

What a Beauty!

Feeling proud and curious, I spent an entire evening exploring and testing the functions and settings.

We instantly became best friends and I never regretted buying it. When I went to bed and took it off my wrist, I wondered where to put it, feeling almost sentimental and caring as if I had a new pet. ‘I need a place where I can keep it safe and clean, charge it and find it every time I’m not wearing it’ I thought. That’s when I first understood the need for a Apple Watch charging stand.

"I need an Apple Watch Stand"

The Apple Watch doesn't come come cheap. With $350 for the 38mm Sport model, you could also buy 10g of gold for the same money – the watch weights only 2.5 times more that that ( 25g).  You don`t want to keep a precious piece of jewelry like that somewhere random. If you are like me, you want to have a special place for it, where you will always keep it safe and clean and know where to find it. Moreover, it needs to be charged every night. So that place better include the charger.

The LXORY Alpha-S  instantly struck me as the perfect solution. It’s design is inspired by the letter ‘a’. Made of premium aluminum and covered with a silicon pad on top and bottom to protect my watch and table top from scratches, the Alpha-S perfectly holds my watch and charger at a stable and comfortable viewing angle. It fits all models of the Apple Watch and comes with a free bonus guide with a bunch of useful tips.

apple watch charging dock

Features Summary:

  • Apple Watch Night Stand Aluminum designed to hold your Charger and Watch
  • Fits all Apple Watch Models (38/42mm/Basic/Sport) with an opening Wristband
  • Stable Apple Watch Charging Stand with slanted Top for comfortable viewing Angle of 25°
  • Silicone Padding on Top and Bottom of the Charging Dock will keep your Watch and Table Top Scratch-Free
  • Including Free Bonus Guide: “17 Tips for a Better Apple Watch Experience”


"This is a great stand for the new Apple Watch"

by Ryanon, July 1,         Verified Purchase   

This is a great stand for the new Apple Watch. I have bought a few other stands to see which one would work best for me and so far this is it. I like that it has a solid base, meaning you can press down and use the watch without the stand falling over.
The non-slip surface on the face is nice to lay your phone against when you're not charging the watch. I also like how the charging cord can come up from behind and not be seen if it were on a desk.
Overall, a good design and solid product.

"Great Design"

by Alexaon, July 29,         Verified Purchase   

I received the LXORY Alpha-S Aluminum Apple Watch Stand from LXORY in exchange for an honest review. This LXORY Alpha-S Aluminum Apple Watch Stand is the first Apple Watch Stand I have used with my new apple watch and I must say I am extremely impressed. LXORY really stands behind their product!
This LXORY Alpha-S Aluminum Apple Watch Stand is really built well. I love that it matches my imac. It is a sturdy stand that looks exactly like the picture. You place your watch in it and feed the charger through it so it is safely sitting. I really love how fancy and elegant it looks in my room. Overall, I love the design of the product and the quality for the price.
I would recommend this LXORY Alpha-S Aluminum Apple Watch Stand to everyone that has an apple watch that can use it.

"Yes, you do need a stand for your iWatch. This is a great accessory."

by Hillary S Bauer  July 3         Verified Purchase   

This was exactly what I need and I didn't even know I needed it. I just got my apply iwatch and I was checking out what cool accessories I could get. The stand didn't make sense until I got the watch and saw how the battery worked. Then the stand made sense. I can now keep this next to my bed and have an easy way to store my watch and charge it. I love when I find things that are so useful and I didn't even know I needed them.

Get a 360 view of the charging dock in this video:

I never regretted this impulse-buy neither, just like the purchase of the watch. My watch and stand are a great team ever since I got it (two days after clicking the ‘buy’ button). It matches nicely on my table top and I never have to wonder where I left my watch, which is always charged by the way.

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