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Use the Apple Watch As A Wrist Band!

apple watch as a wrist band

A butterfly was the inspiration for this unique marriage of a traditional luxury watch and a Apple watch connected by a single wrist band.

California based watch maker Nico Gerard has pre-launched their lates model – The Papillon (french for butterfly). It´s not available as yet, but you can make a reservation here by paying $500 so you can be one of the 88 people who will be fortunate enough to own this limited edition piece.


You get to choose from three versions (Apple Watch included): the Pinnacle ($9,300), the Skyview Pinnacle ($9,500), which seems to differ only in color, and the Sunrise Pinnacle, made of 18-karat gold and an according price tag: $112,000.

All models use a Swiss NG2824A COSC movement (certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) and claim water resistance of 100 meters.

All photos and video by Nico Gerard