Enhancing Your Mobile Lifestyle

LXORY 3 in 1 / 10W / 5 Coil Wireless Charging Stand For Apple Watch & iPhone

You won’t miss having to track down and plug in wires. No more cord clutter on your counter top, coffee table or night stand. Keep both devices at a comfortable viewing angle so you can check your notifications without having to pick up your phone. Charge a third device using the USB output at the back.

Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Once you start using wireless charging, chances are your family members will follow. With this dual wireless charging pad you’ll always have a spare charging spot ready for family and friends. Plus a third charger option: a USB power outlet.

LXORY Dual Wireless charging pad

Foldable Apple Watch Charger With Pouch

We included a customized, padded zipper pouch with our popular MFi certified Apple Watch Charger. So you can store it neatly and take it along for work or travel.