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Sleep Tracking App Comes To Apple Store

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Sleep tracking accessory maker Beddit launched a new watch OS app

Beddit automatically tracks your sleep, heart rate, snoring and movements. In the morning, it tells you how you slept and gives you coaching tips on how to rest better. The data is collected by a thin sensor under your sheet. No wearable sensors. The watch OS compatible app is now available in the Apple Store.

While charging your Apple Watch over night, you can use it to collect your sleep data. Beddit’s watch OS app turns the Apple Watch into a sleep tracker during the night and by day it can measure naps and create silent alarms.

As Beddit’s watch OS app hits the App Store, Beddit’s Smart Sleep Tracker is coming to Apple Stores around the world.

Beddit makes use of the fact that watch OS opens access to hardware and sensors previously unavailable to developers. The inbuilt accelerometer is being used for detecting motion. A future update will use data from the heart rate sensor also to determine sleep quality.

The Apple Watch by itself would be a perfect device for sleep tracking. But the need for charging the watch´s battery and the discomfort caused by wearing a watch at night defeats this option. Beddit’s Smart Sleep Tracker accessory takes care of that for you, tracks your movements and sends the data to your Watch. Then, in the morning, your Watch will present your SleepScore through the Beddit app and provide useful tips for sleep improvement.

More details about Beddit here.