Apple Watch Charging Dock

LXORY  Wireless Charging Dock Compatible With All Apple Watch Models

Bult-In Charing Head

Unlike other products, this charger contains the wireless charger head module and comes with a lighting cable. Just connect it to a USB power-source and you’re good to go. No need to fumble with your existing charger head.

Works With Any iWatch Model

Works fine with all existing models: Series 4 /3 / 2 /1, 42mm and 38mm. Just drop your watch on the charger – that’s it.

Enables Nightstand Mode

If you like to use your watch as a bedside table or nightstand alarm clock – you can. The stand holds your device at an angle that automatically enable nightstand mode. In night stand mode, in order to activate the display, gently knock on the nightstand.

Comes With Lightning Connector & Cable

The magnetic docking station comes with a lightning connector. So you can disconnect the included cable for travel. Much more flexible than other holders that come with the cable attached to them.

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