Apple Watch Charger With Travel Pouch

Foldable MFi Certified Apple Watch Charger – Enables Nightstand Mode – Travel Pouch Included

If you have to replace your Apple Watch charger or just want a second one – this one might be just right. Perfect on your nightstand, desktop or on the go.  The foldable design enables “Nightstand Mode” when the charger arm is lifted up. Push the arm back down if you want it to sit flat on a table or fit into your travel bag. The charger was tested by Apple and certified to be compliant with Apple standards (MFi certified) so you don’t have to worry if it works with your Apple Watch or not. It does.

Foldable Design Enables Nightstand Mode

The feature that sets this iWatch charger apart from generic models is the foldable design. And that’s not just a gimmick. By flipping up the little arm with the charger head attached, your watch rotates into nightstand mode – a function that turns your Apple Watch into an alarm clock when positioned on the side.

You know nightstand mode is activated when the watch lights up with the time showing in big bright digits, along with the date and the battery icon. The display will dim after a few seconds. To bring it back on, just tap the watch screen or gently knock on the nightstand surface.

Travel Pouch Included

We included a customised, padded zipper pouch so you can store the charger neatly and take it along for work or travel. Charge your watch at home or where ever you go – in your car, office or hotel.

“Excellent” –  J-Leeon

” The charger is just what I was looking for. Small, portable, easy to use and has a long cable. Apple only supplies a short charging cable for this watch; not long enough to reach from my desk top to the floor where my auxillary outlet is. I think all these cables should be at least three feet long, like the one on this charger. But then, Apple would not be as able to sell you a second cable, huh?”

Compatible With All Watch Models

link bracelet

Just like the original Apple charger, this one works with all Apple Watch Series and  sizes (42/38mm). As long as your wrist band is opening (Sport, Woven Nylon, Leather, Milanese Loop and others) you’re good to go.

The design of this product is not suitable for closed wristbands (Link Bracelet) 

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