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QiDuo landing page 70%

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double qi charger

With the LXORY Dual Qi Charging Station you can use wireless charging on two phones at once. And even charge a third one using the USB outlet.

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Just like having a double garage makes sense if you have two cars, our dual wireless charging pad is the smarter choice if you have or plan to have a second wireless charging ready phone. No need to buy a second charger –  save money and desktop space by buying a two phone charging station right away.

Temperature Sensor Included

Wireless charging produces heat. Which is ok to a certain point.While some other chargers simply keep charging and expose your phone to potential heat damage, ours has a temperature sensor built in. Way before your phone gets too hot, our charging coil will shut off and protect your device. So you don’t ever have to worry about your phone suffering heat damage

Simple To Set Up And Easy To Use

It only takes a minute to set up:  Connect the transmitter to a USB outlet (Qualcomm Fast Charging adapter recommended). Place your Qi-enabled phone(s) on one of the transmitter pads – done. Your phone is now charging with no ‘strings’ attached.

Box Content & Specs

Box content:– Dual Charging Pad- USB-C to USB-A cable (3ft / 1m)- ManualInput: USB-C (Type-C): 9V / 2A Outputs:– Charging pads: 5V / 1A, Conversion rate 75%- USB-A Output: 5V / 1A